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WHY CHOOSE Bencel Cakes

Taste Is at the Top of the Everybody’s List

When a conversation turns to Bencel Cakes, and which one is the best, the discussion almost always starts with “Amazingly moist and their frostings are incredible.” There is no question that a reputation for great tasting cakes is the reason Bencel Cakes has been the top 10 supplier of wedding, birthday, baby shower, graduation, and holiday cakes in the UK- Try before you buy. Contact us ahead and arrange a tasting. Choose from 32 mouthwatering fillings, 4 delectable icings, and 10 fabulous cake flavors.

Fun and Fantastic Designs Executed Perfectly

Check out our galleries to see hundreds of examples of our artistry. Whether you need a Superhero or a Disney Princess, a 4-tier masterpiece or a simple, but elegant, floral design, our staff of artists will provide a cake that will add to the memories of the day. Choose from the cakes you see in our gallery or bring in a design of your own. You can even send the design by email or text message. Our goal is to have your guests oohing and aahing when the cake is unveiled. Think Bencel style 🙂

On Time Every Time

When you select someone to provide the centerpiece of your celebration, you need to have that cake on time. Trust a company that gets that right 200 times per week to get it right for you. Whether you pick it up or we deliver it, you can be assured that we will have it ready when you need it.

Customer Service You’ll be Telling Your Neighbors About

Our staff is the most experienced of any bakery within many miles of UK. Each customer service representative is trained to help you through the process of selecting the size of your cake, the flavors of the cake, fillings, and icing, and then laying out the design. The grandchildren of our customers  are now coming back to order their cakes because their entire families have come to rely on Bencel Cakes for all their wedding, birthday, holiday and special occasion cakes.

Our Tradition

We are so thankful for the thousands of families who have entrusted us to create the centerpiece of their celebrations each year. Our passion has been to provide each and every customer with the very best quality ingredients and flavors each and every time, and to then execute a flawless design to bring home the message for that day.

Pastries, Sweets, and Fudge

In addition to our cakes, we are constantly checking out new ways to tickle your taste buds with our pastries and other confections. Our latest addition has been producing fresh fudge right here on the premises Bencel Cakes. The response has been fantastic. We offer as many as 16 different flavors of fudge on any given day. We try new ideas and also offer special holiday fudge flavors. Fudge makes a great gift, party platter item, and a tantalizing sweet just to have for you and the family.

Our Cake Pops are To Die For

Cake Pops are very popular. Nobody makes cake pops like those at Bencel Cakes. We have a wide range of fun flavors that change to meet the season. Our cake pops are so moist that they melt away in your mouth. And you might notice that our cake pops are substantially BIGGER than you’ll find anywhere else. Buy one for yourself or by the dozen for your upcoming event.

Flavourful Occasions

Whatever the occasion, we are baking the perfect sweets to help make your parties memorable. Cherry, apple and pumpkin pies during Easter, and Christmas; chocolate covered strawberries for Valentines day and during the strawberry season just because; caramel apples for Halloween and beyond. We even have green pastries for St. Patrick’s day.

Start a New Tradition

Studies show that family traditions are one of the best ways to create loving bonds that last a lifetime. May we suggest that you select Bencel Cakes as your traditional partner in creating festive celebrations throughout the year.

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Popcorn, Chocolate, Candyfloss & Slush machines

We have a huge range of machines which offer popcorn, chocolate fountain, candy floss and slush. Our machines suit all seasons and are always kept in excellent condition.

We take health and safety very serious so if you are dry hiring then rest assured that our equipment have been PAT tested.


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Unusual Venue Ideas

Unusual venue ideas in the UK can come in all manner of shapes, sizes and styles. If you are looking for unusual venue ideas then this selection of some of the most interesting unique and quirky ideas will give you plenty of ideas to get you started.

When looking for an unexpected and unusual venue idea it is important to think about the style of venue that will suit your event. Bencel Hire has worked in many unusual venues which can vary greatly, making certain venues much better suited to certain types of events than others, ranging from weddings to underground parties to rooftop banquets and everything in between.

Heres a list of unusual venue ideas that will suit a wide range of events, ranging from weddings and private parties to corporate events such as conferences, product launches and parties. So if you are looking for interesting, unique and usual venue in the UK then you will find some of our favourite venue choices here.Just remember to contact us to help you design your special event 🙂

  • In an Aquariums
  • At a Stadium
  • At a Landmark
  • In a Museum
  • In a Forest ( scare your guests)
  • In a Library (book favours maybe 🙂
  • At a Railway Station ( London Liverpool street looks fun)
  • Theme Park ( Guest will be reeling with joy)
  • Rooftop Party
  • At a Zoo
  • Converted Building
  • Farm
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Winter Celebrations

Winter is the perfect time of year to throw a party or a celebration of some sort! Any excuse to get dressed up and off the couch (and out of your slippers). A night to help get us through that mid-year lull where the days are short, dark and cold!

From a workplace gathering at the office to a dinner party with friends, whatever way you decide to celebrate – it is important you make your party look the part!  Because, lets face it, after all….events don’t look amazing all by themselves.

Here are some things Bencel Hire take into consideration planning a design concept:

Decide on your style & colour scheme first!  The foundation for creating any setting is knowing what style you want and what colours you will use. Are you wanting a modern or a classic look – or are you wanting a theme, like winter wonderland or 70’s disco?   Decide this first, and from there, choose the colour palette.   Either keep it simple, with just one or two colours – or combine 3 or 4 colours which complement each other.

Light the way! Lighting plays a very important part in setting mood, and it determines how your guests see the room. LED up lights are an easy way to improve the ambience, and they can be set to any colour. Fairy lights work wonders, and are available as curtains, strings or icicles. Now let’s not forget candle light!  No dinner, party or event is complete without the soft twinkle of candles.  And last, but not least – don’t forget to dim the lights!

Centrepieces take centre stage!  The centerpiece is the focal point of your table setting, so needless to say, it should make a statement. There are so many options, including endless DIY creations. Flowers are more limited in winter, so you may consider using candles. Do consider the height, as a room with a high ceiling needs a taller centerpiece to balance out the room, whereas a smaller space will call for a lower piece. Make sure to avoid centerpieces 50-60 cm high, as they can disrupt conversation over a dining table. If you are looking for a simple DIY option, take 3 or 4 glass jars of assorted shapes and sizes. Fill with stems of flowers, candles and tie of with some pretty ribbon…Voila!

Don’t confuse your style!  The last piece of advice is don’t’ overdo it – remember, less is more!  Adding too many different elements can create a confused and inconsistent look.

If you need hire items, advice or ideas on creating the perfect setting for your event, get in touch!  We would love to help.   email:

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Why Choose Bencel Hire

Today’s era is all about occasions and celebrations, and we all want our celebrations to be the best. And for being the best we need to look for extraordinary ideas and phenomenal ways to set standards and reach them. But organizing a party isn’t an easy task after all; it includes a lot of planning, catering, décor- and of course money.

Have your wife’s birthday coming up? Or perhaps your anniversary? Now is the time you start thinking out of the box to make your celebrations even more special. Oh and the cost factor; worry no more. I have the perfect company based in the United Kingdom that will do all the hard work to give you the perfect dreamy occasion. That’s right; Bencel Hire is all that you need to reach your standards.

About us:

We understand the struggles of buying new equipment and fancy décor and that too only for a day, which is why we were born to make your life easy. We are the company that provides you with the epic décor and equipment that will suit your theme perfectly in a low budget. We have all the variety that you need to tie knots for the best ever occasion, our organized staff has been working with us for over a long period of time and know exactly what it takes to give you what you want. Our experienced personnel are devoted to their work and are adamant on facilitating you in any way possible so get in your issues and we’ll solve them in no time.

Wherever you live in London, our widespread network will make sure that we provide you with our services. Not only this but we also reach out toward Essex and surrounding countries so just don’t worry about your location, just give us a call and we’ll get started.

Equipment we offer for hiring:

  • Candy floss machine: This item is perfect for your child’s birthday party, a fancy colorful treat to keep all the kids busy and in place.
  • Slush machine: A perfect item to beat the heat, so allow your guests to get their glasses of refreshing slush of their flavor.
  • Popcorn machine: Popcorns never need a specific audience or weather, the best item to munch on while enjoying the occasion.
  • Fog machine: A night party with a stage? Sparkle up your performances by hiring this epic fog machine equipment.
  • Chocolate fountains: No matter what, chocolate fountains will always be like a cherry on top to all your functions, so hire this machine and enjoy the chocolaty pleasure.
  • Tables: Get our exclusive range of tables and decorate them with classy centerpieces, table cloth, charger plates and cake stands. Other than that you can get chair covers that suit your theme and also a beautiful post box to keep your possessions safe.

So choose Bencel Hire and let us make your event extraordinary, you can visit our website for more details.

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Happy New Year

Happy new year from the Bencel Hire team
We have had a busy few months with hiring out charger plates, chocolate fountain, drink dispensers, popcorn machines, tables and smoke machines for various occasions between xmas and new year
We are now taking bookings for the new year so feel free to contact us to hire the latest equipment-be prepared
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Bencel Hire

Various Factors you need to consider before Choosing a machine

If you are planning a party to celebrate an achievement or you are planning to host an event, you may like to have some popcorn served at the occasion. To make this possible you may want to purchase or hire a commercial popcorn popper for the occasion. Also you will surely want to produce popcorn that will be delicious which your guests will enjoy.
There are various factors you need to consider before choosing a machine you feel meets your needs and requirements as well as produce the type of popcorn that will be appealing to your guests. Below are some tips that will help you get the right machine and also ensure your guests are served some tasty popcorn.
The amount of people you are expecting at your occasion as well as the amount of popcorn you want to make will determine the size of the machine you will buy or hire.  The size of machine you choose determines the number of one ounce servings of popcorn the popper can produce in one round. Many popcorn machines last about four minutes to complete a round so the size you choose determines the amount of one ounce servings you need as well as how quickly you want them.
When buying or hiring a popcorn machine it is advised that you get the one that you will be able to operate easily. Follow the guidelines and instructions in the manual carefully so that no problem will occur when operating the machine.
When you buy a popcorn machine ensure it is one that can be easily maintained without any hassles. Even if you are hiring for a particular period of time, still ensure it is one you can easily take care off so that when you are returning it you do not have to pay for any damages.
Choose a machine that can be easily cleaned. Choose popcorn makers that after being used they can be easily wiped down and can be cleaned with just soap and water while glass cleaner can be used to clean the external parts of the machine.
WARRANTY or PAT tested
Popcorn machines especially those used for commercial purposes should come with a warranty from the manufacturers. This should take care of the parts when a problem occurs with the machine. When hiring, make sure you pay for the additional insurance and maintenance fees as this will protect you from any accidents and operational problems. All our equipment have warranty and are pat tested to ensure there are no faults before hire.
When it comes to producing popcorn that will be appreciated by your guests largely to their lovely taste, you should consider the following
The type of oil you use goes a long way in affecting the taste of the popcorn. The most popular oil used is coconut oil because of its unique flavor which a lot of people like. Other oils frequently used include sunflower, peanut, soy and canola oil which is good for people watching what they eat as it has the least fat and cholesterol content.
Try to use the right type of seasoning. Go for seasoning that will not easily break up and can easily be spread evenly during the popcorn production.
So if you are looking to hire a popcorn machine you can make use of our services as we have machines that can suit your needs.
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