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Various Factors you need to consider before Choosing a machine

If you are planning a party to celebrate an achievement or you are planning to host an event, you may like to have some popcorn served at the occasion. To make this possible you may want to purchase or hire a commercial popcorn popper for the occasion. Also you will surely want to produce popcorn that will be delicious which your guests will enjoy.
There are various factors you need to consider before choosing a machine you feel meets your needs and requirements as well as produce the type of popcorn that will be appealing to your guests. Below are some tips that will help you get the right machine and also ensure your guests are served some tasty popcorn.
The amount of people you are expecting at your occasion as well as the amount of popcorn you want to make will determine the size of the machine you will buy or hire.  The size of machine you choose determines the number of one ounce servings of popcorn the popper can produce in one round. Many popcorn machines last about four minutes to complete a round so the size you choose determines the amount of one ounce servings you need as well as how quickly you want them.
When buying or hiring a popcorn machine it is advised that you get the one that you will be able to operate easily. Follow the guidelines and instructions in the manual carefully so that no problem will occur when operating the machine.
When you buy a popcorn machine ensure it is one that can be easily maintained without any hassles. Even if you are hiring for a particular period of time, still ensure it is one you can easily take care off so that when you are returning it you do not have to pay for any damages.
Choose a machine that can be easily cleaned. Choose popcorn makers that after being used they can be easily wiped down and can be cleaned with just soap and water while glass cleaner can be used to clean the external parts of the machine.
WARRANTY or PAT tested
Popcorn machines especially those used for commercial purposes should come with a warranty from the manufacturers. This should take care of the parts when a problem occurs with the machine. When hiring, make sure you pay for the additional insurance and maintenance fees as this will protect you from any accidents and operational problems. All our equipment have warranty and are pat tested to ensure there are no faults before hire.
When it comes to producing popcorn that will be appreciated by your guests largely to their lovely taste, you should consider the following
The type of oil you use goes a long way in affecting the taste of the popcorn. The most popular oil used is coconut oil because of its unique flavor which a lot of people like. Other oils frequently used include sunflower, peanut, soy and canola oil which is good for people watching what they eat as it has the least fat and cholesterol content.
Try to use the right type of seasoning. Go for seasoning that will not easily break up and can easily be spread evenly during the popcorn production.
So if you are looking to hire a popcorn machine you can make use of our services as we have machines that can suit your needs.
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