Winter Celebrations

Winter is the perfect time of year to throw a party or a celebration of some sort! Any excuse to get dressed up and off the couch (and out of your slippers). A night to help get us through that mid-year lull where the days are short, dark and cold!

From a workplace gathering at the office to a dinner party with friends, whatever way you decide to celebrate – it is important you make your party look the part!  Because, lets face it, after all….events don’t look amazing all by themselves.

Here are some things Bencel Hire take into consideration planning a design concept:

Decide on your style & colour scheme first!  The foundation for creating any setting is knowing what style you want and what colours you will use. Are you wanting a modern or a classic look – or are you wanting a theme, like winter wonderland or 70’s disco?   Decide this first, and from there, choose the colour palette.   Either keep it simple, with just one or two colours – or combine 3 or 4 colours which complement each other.

Light the way! Lighting plays a very important part in setting mood, and it determines how your guests see the room. LED up lights are an easy way to improve the ambience, and they can be set to any colour. Fairy lights work wonders, and are available as curtains, strings or icicles. Now let’s not forget candle light!  No dinner, party or event is complete without the soft twinkle of candles.  And last, but not least – don’t forget to dim the lights!

Centrepieces take centre stage!  The centerpiece is the focal point of your table setting, so needless to say, it should make a statement. There are so many options, including endless DIY creations. Flowers are more limited in winter, so you may consider using candles. Do consider the height, as a room with a high ceiling needs a taller centerpiece to balance out the room, whereas a smaller space will call for a lower piece. Make sure to avoid centerpieces 50-60 cm high, as they can disrupt conversation over a dining table. If you are looking for a simple DIY option, take 3 or 4 glass jars of assorted shapes and sizes. Fill with stems of flowers, candles and tie of with some pretty ribbon…Voila!

Don’t confuse your style!  The last piece of advice is don’t’ overdo it – remember, less is more!  Adding too many different elements can create a confused and inconsistent look.

If you need hire items, advice or ideas on creating the perfect setting for your event, get in touch!  We would love to help.   email:

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